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Port Mersey Commercial Park

Our Site

The site in Liverpool, Nova Scotia is approximately 88 acres in size with other available groomed clear back lands of 13 acres in close proximity to site and within 1 km of highway 103. In addition to the laydown areas, there is a fully functional dock described below, a main office and fully equipped operations complex which includes three mechanical shops with overhead cranes (sizes up to 36 tons (32 tonnes).

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Warehouse PMCP

The site has available up to 30,000 lb/hr of high pressure steam, a robust industrial water supply, potable water and a high voltage electrical grid that is capable of supplying 100 MW at distribution voltages as high as 14 kv.

There is a vacant 51,012 sq.ft. (4,739 sq.m) wharf warehouse available for storage and other operations requiring enclosed facilities.

PMCP Aerial

Our Dock

The east wharf varies in width from 47 m at the outer (south) end to 60 m at its widest point at the north end of the paper shed. The main wharf is 140 m long. Including the section of the approach that was rebuilt in 1992 however, the length of the area now available is about 190 m (625 ft) long.

The front face of the wharf employs timber fender piles where the timber bearing piles are adjacent to the face of wharf, generally at the outer end.

However, the “strongpoint” areas supported on steel pipe piles use a concrete cope wall and modular rubber arch fenders.

The outer end of the wharf includes warping dolphins which were added in 1992 to aid berthing of the ships. Dolphin construction is steel pipe piles supporting a heavy concrete pile cap.

The west zone comprises the area under the paper shed (see photo below) as well as a small apron on the west side of the shed.
A structural assessment, as well as a complete wharf inspection were completed in July of 2013.

Water depth at wharf is approximately 7 meters.

Dock at Port Mersey


Additional Information

. there is a state-of-the-art CCTV security camera system
. there is diesel and gas fuelling capability at the site
. there is a large supply of water (both industrial and potable)
. there is 24/7 service and accessibility
. management, logistics and manpower as required are available
. there is a robust local town with modern facilities surrounding the site
. the site is less than 5 km to a 100 Series Highway via well maintained Trunk 3 Highway.

Contact Information

For further information CONTACT:

Nova Scotia Lands Inc
PO Box 430,
Sydney, Nova Scotia
B1P 6H2

Attention: Wilf Kaiser
Phone: 902-565-2208
Fax: 902-564-7903
Email: wilfred.kaiser@novascotia.ca

To arrange a site visit please contact:

Glenda Murray
77 Innovation Ave., Brooklyn, NS
Phone: 902-354-8638
Email: glenda.murray@novascotia.ca