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The Park

Main                            Diesel Plant

Main Entrance- Administration and Jaspro                                    Former TMP section- Cellufuel at far right

Warehouse                             Chip Site

Warehouse B - Lloyoll Built                                                         Side view of A-Frame and conveyor to TMP

Chip Site Crane                             Chip Site

Another view of A-Frame and chip pile                                         View of A-Frame from ocean-side


View of backside of wharf                                                            View of Highway 3 entrance/exit via scale

Exit                             BPC Road

View of old scalehouse entrance from highway                            Brooklyn By-Pass for Over Dimensional Loads

From Marina                                      



Nickerson's Pond Location

Nickerson's Pond                             Nickerson's Pond

Entrance to Nickerson's Pond buildings

                             Nickerson's Pond

Downstream view of Nickerson's Pond dam                               Downstream view of Nickerson's Pond building

Nickerson's Pond                             Nickerson's Pond

Nickerson's Pond


The ASB Location

ASB Site                            ASB Site

ASB Site 

ASB Site

ASB Site 


South Canoe Windmill Project