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Updated on April 16, 2018.



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Welcome to the Port Mersey Commercial Park

Port Mersey Commercial Park is located at the former Bowater Mersey Paper Company Limited facility. This facility operated as a forestry company in the Province from 1929 until June 2012. Its primary operations were the production of newsprint through a pulp and paper mill located in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia. Since December 10, 2012, Port Mersey has been owned by the Province of Nova Scotia.

Port Mersey Commercial Park is the newest commercial park on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It is an 88 acre facility with a 550’ active wharf. It has a robust power grid and a large supply of industrial water. It is central to the Liverpool and Brooklyn area. There is direct access to the No.3 Highway from the facility and there is also a park-owned highway that provides direct and efficient access to the nearby 100 Series highway.


Main Entrance - PMCP

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