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Employment at Port Mersey Commercial Park(updated May 2018)

Port Mersey Shows Recent Surge In Employment Growth since mill closure in 2012

The former Resolute Forest Products mill in Brooklyn, Queens County, formerly site of ReNova Scotia Bioenergy Inc., was acquired by provincial Crown corporation Harbourside Commercial Park. At the time of the mill closure in June, 2012, there were 189 mill employees.


Current list of companies operating at Port Mersey Commercial Park. Click on the company name to go to the company website (if available, it is underlined and in blue).

Company Full Time Part Time
RJ MacIsaac 19 2
Lloyoll Built 20 0
Aqualitas 42 43
Cellufuel 0 1
Innovacorp 0 1
Covey Island Boat Works 2
Jaspro Services Ltd. 22 4
Nova Scotia Lands 3 6
South Shore Docks 1 4
Matthew Collins 1 0
Chris and Lynn Fisheries 0 1
Brady's Building Supplies 0 1
TOTAL: 113 65
Assuming 4 PTE (Part Time equivalents)  =   1 FTE (Full Time equivalent)    
Adds to existing clients: 16.25  
TOTAL FTE: 129.25