Wharf Warehouse - 112 Port Mersey Drive

Wharf Warehouse Dimensions


Width – 36.5 meters (120 feet)

Length – 132.5 meters (435 feet)

Inside has two bays 18.25 meters wide each and running lengthways

Truck loading dock

Doors at grade 4.9 meters wide and 4.9 meters high (16’X16’)

Shipping office, heat and AC.

Employee Lunch room


Sprinkler System

Unheated warehouse space


Wharf is 170 meters long (560’) with 2 strong points and warping dolphins.

Working space on the dock width varies approximately 8.4m to 25m.

Draft at wharf is LLT 6.9 meters

Enclosed forklift passage way to laydown area.

Lighting inside and out.

Security office for dock security - MARSEC level 1



           Exterior views:                                                              West side Wharf Warehouse

Inside views:          East   Wharf warehouse- East bay          West               Wharf warehouse- West bay

Wharf and T-2 and breakwater in background  Wharf and RORO Ramp